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Yoga simply means Union. We practice Yoga and Meditation to become United with all that is. When we are United with the flow of things then life is no longer a struggle and it becomes joyful, blissful and easy. The way to this Unification is through the transcendence of “I, Me and Mine”; when we are able at any time to transcend the illusion of the primary importance of our personal agendas and the personal self. When we are able to silence our internal dialogues, and connect with the voice of Truth and Love, then all of our behaviors, rather than being Emotionally Reactive become Loving Responses to all of Existence.

The physical aspects of Yoga, the asanas, were created to bring the body into a state of optimum health and wellness so that this state ofUnion, of Meditation, or Samadi, can become an integral part of ones ongoing life.


Phuket offers a big Varity of yoga classes and courses. We are happy to help you find the best one which fits to your wishes. 

low 1 May - 31 Oct
mid 1 Nov - 15 Dec
mid 15 Jan - 31 Apr
high 15 Dec - 15 Jan
high Easter period + Chines New Year

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