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Phuket has some splendid spas and massage experiences that should help soothe away your pains and improve both body and mind. Try a traditional Thai massage or invigorating body scrub and you’ll no doubt be impressed and feel rejuvenated. As well as the more upscale and expensive spas and therapy centres, decent massage is available all over the island at reasonable prices. Other health needs are covered too as Phuket has some first rate hospitals, specialist clinics, and highly skilled dentists. Read our wellness guides to help stay relaxed, healthy and fit.


In Asia, spa has evolved into a concept focussing on the spiritual and natural, drawing from traditions of meditation, respect for nature and the desire...

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Yoga simply means Union. We practice Yoga and Meditation to become United with all that is. When we are United with the flow of things then life is no longer...

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Doctors today are saying the major reasons more people are getting unhealthy and sick is due to our overall weakening immune system. One of the greatest results that following a detox...

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